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The Department of General Pedagogy and the Philosophy of Education

The department’s research focus is on issues related to the philosophical and theoretical foundations of educational concepts, the methods of educational research, theoretical knowledge regarding education, the relationship between theory and practice in educational matters, the development of educational sciences, and cross-cultural competencies in the context of education. Within these areas, we are publishing monographs and articles, organizing international conferences and symposia, and collaborating with our international partners (e.g., in the United States and Germany).


Research areas

  • The relation of educational knowledge to related sciences, the nature of foundational ideas related to the development of the educator-practitioner
  • The scientific-educational potential of analytical educational philosophy, e.g., putting that knowledge into practice
  • The relationship between education, ethics, and philosophy
  • The reception of English-language educational texts in classical-liberal Polish pedagogy
  • Analysis of the meaning of civility as an internal educational good within contemporary pedagogical thought and practice
  • Cultural pedagogy – the theoretical and practical aspects of education
  • Multiculturalism in education
  • Research on the history of pedagogical ideas
  • Research in the areas of museum education and cultural inheritance – theory and practice


Head of the Department

dr hab. Katarzyna Wrońska, prof.UJ



prof. dr hab. Stanisław Palka - profesor emerytowany

dr Tomasz Leś

dr Renata Pater

dr Joanna Torowska