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The Department of Correctional Rehabilitation and Social Prevention

The Department of Correctional Rehabilitation and Social Prevention was founded in December 1990, however, the roots of the department extend back to the 1970s—to the initiative of prof. dr hab. Jan Konopnicki, who was the first director of the Pedagogical Resocialization Team within the Committee of Pedagogical Sciences (“PAN”). The first director of the department was prof. dr hab. Bronisław Urban. The departmental founder was influential in early research on social delinquency and in the development of diagnostic instruments for the assessment of childhood educational deficiencies. After the death of Professor Urban in February 2014, leadership of the department was taken over by one of his students, dr hab. Mariusz Sztuka. In its current form, the department focuses on research on the social practices of centralized and local institutions.


Research Areas


  • The reduction of recidivism with the help of resocialization interventions, recidivism management
  • The prevention of crime and addiction in local communities, urban studies, field work, the study of “street life” and youth gangs
  • discrimination and social exclusion
  • intercultural conflicts, the Roma population and other national and ethnic minority groups
  • the situational variables of safety in the city, visual monitoring


Head of the Department

dr hab. Mariusz Sztuka, prof. UJ



dr hab. Justyna Kusztal, prof.UJ

dr hab. Jacek Bylica

dr Lucas Mazur

dr Małgorzata Piasecka

dr Łukasz Szwejka