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The Department of the Theory of Education and Care

Within the Department of the Theory of Education and Care, scholars are conducting research on such topics as: educational processes, socialization and human care, family issues, and individual functioning at different developmental phases. Within the Department, our researcher are also focusing on issues related to the educational aspects of physical, psychological, and social well-being. Current research projects focus on the social dimensions of health in early and later adolescence, such as social isolation and peer group integration.


Research Areas:

Metatheoretical research directed at the analysis of educational theory as a subdiscipline of pedagogy, the characteristics of its conceptual schema, and the universality of its subject.


Research focusing on the processes of socialization and education from diverse theoretical and methodological perspectives (e.g., social-institutional, biographical, cultural, and anthropological).


Quantitative and qualitative empirical research on various topics, such as support and social readaptation for youths following release from care facilities, the functioning of “pathological” families, multiculturalism, and social discourse around the contemporary meaning of the “family.”


Department Head

dr hab. Bogusław Bieszczad



dr Anna Dąbrowska

dr Barbara Jamrozowicz

dr Agata Łopatkiewicz

dr Renata Sigva