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The Department of Social Pedagogy and Andragogy

The Department of Social Pedagogy and Andragogy is connected with Helena Ralińska’s understand of Polish social pedagogy, the main focus of which was—according to Józek Chałasiński—to bring the individual and the social into harmony with each other. The research conducted within the department is motivated by this same ideas, however, members of the department have expanded their research efforts into different areas and they are working with various theoretical and methodological approaches.


Research Areas

  1. Animacja społeczna i kulturowa

    teoretyczne podstawy animacji
    instytucjonalne konteksty animacji
    metody animacj
  2. Public discourse

    theoretical foundations and research methods
    civic dialogues
  3. Adult civic education

    civic education in local communities
    civic education and contemporary problems – e.g., migration, democracy
  4. The family

    The Polish family,(changes)


Head of the Department

dr hab. Dorota Gierszewski



dr Renata Doniec

dr Łukasz Hajduk

dr Julia Kluzowicz

dr Joanna Olszewska-Gniadek