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The Department of School Pedagogy and Academic Didactics

The history of the department began in 1979, with the founding of the Department of General Education under the leadership of prof. dr hab. Anna Łukawska. At that time, numerous famous scholars collaborated with the department, such as Professor Zygmunt Mysławski and Professor Jan Zborowski. In 1996, dr hab. Joanna Danilewska became head of the department, whose research group constituted the Department of School Education. In 2014, dr hab. Anna Sajdak-Burska became the head of the department, and in 2015 the department changed its name to the Department of School Education and University Didactics. The current work of the department continues the best traditions connected with didactics, while also expanding the areas researched so as to better address contemporary educational challenges.


Research areas


The research conducted by members of the department focuses on selected aspects of educational efforts by individuals and institutions within the broad areas of school and university education. The main areas of research are:


  1. The subjects of school and university education
  • university professors, supporting the further development of their didactic and social competencies;
  • students, psycho-pedagogical support of the further development of their social competencies;
  • school educators, job preparation;
  • school teachers, the social role of the teacher and its determinants;
  • school children with special needs
  1. School-related theory
  2. Humanistic-existential educational theory
  3. Theory of university didactics



Head of the Department

dr hab. Anna Sajdak-Burska, prof.UJ



dr hab. Krystyna Ablewicz

dr hab. Marek Kościelniak

dr Krzysztof Polak, prof. UJ

dr Bożena Czerska

dr Katarzyna Smoter

dr Zuzanna Sury

dr Małgorzata Turczyk