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The Department of Health Pedagogy

The Department of Health Pedagogy was founded by the Rector of the Jagiellonian University on March 1st, 2019 (Order number 22, February 22nd, 2019).

Research Areas

  • The scientific interests of the research team generally concern the problem of health analyzed from a holistic, salutogenic, and pedagogical perspective.
  • The main areas of research concentrate on the following problems:
  • The pedagogical diagnosis of the psychosocial health of children, youth, and adults including those with special developmental and educational needs;
  • The diagnosis of individual, environmental, and cultural determinants of behaviors related to health, including risk behaviors, and the development of pedagogical programs of health promotion;
  • The development of psychosocial health and well-being in students, including students with disabilities, as analyzed in the context of developmental changes occurring during adolescence and taking into consideration the impact of family, school, and peer environments;
  • Designing educational programs that support the healthy aging of seniors;
  • The methodology of health education in institutions of education, social care, and resocialization, including both the planning and evaluation of such educational programs;
  • Analyzing the interconnections between different types of social relationships and psychosocial well-being, especially in socially disadvantaged groups (e.g., children with various types of developmental disorders, people with mental disorders);
  • Examining ways to improve the reliability and validity of measurement methods in the field of pedagogical diagnosis.

Research Grants

  • NCN research grant – OPUS 14, head: dr Paweł Grygiel – Inter-personal peer relations and psychosocial well-being in the early and early middle adolescence.
  • NCN research grant – MINIATURA 2, head: dr Barbara Ostafińska-Molik – Psychometric properties of a shortened version of the BPM scale (Brief Problem Monitor) measuring behavior disorders in children and adolescents – analysis using many sources of information



Head of the Department


dr hab. Paweł Grygiel

dr Julia Łosiak-Pilch

dr Sylwia Opozda-Suder

dr Barbara Ostafińska-Molik

dr Magdalena Szczygieł