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The Department of Higher Education and Polish Pedagogical Thought

The Department of Higher Education and Polish Pedagogical Thought took its current name and form on October 1st, 2014. It was built on the foundations of the Department of University Pedagogy which was created by the Jagiellonian University Senate on June 26th, 2002. The first head of the department was Professor Kazimiera Pacławska, followed by Professor Janina Kostkiewicz.  

The department is currently involved in research efforts to uncover the forgotten and ignored past of Polish pedagogical thought (scholars, concepts, directions of development, etc.). We are also working to provide corrective measures within contemporary assessments of Polish educational history and the legacy of that history, with particular attention to the history of Catholic education. The department’s research also focuses on the development of new educational theory and practices.


Members of the department are conducting metatheoretical research, theoretical research, and empirical research. The popularization of the department’s work, as well as the wider exchange of professional ideas, is supported by the annual publication (since 2015) of “Polska Myśl Pedagogiczna” (Polish Pedagogical Thought), as well as the annual Polish Pedagogical Thought Seminar.


Research Areas


  • Pedagogy of higher education (e.g., hidden programs, evaluation of higher education, the student as an active subject in their own development, changes in the university system and the functions of the university)
  • General pedagogy, the philosophy of education, the history of pedagogy (e.g., Catholic pedagogy, educational ideologies, modern educational discourses, environmental educational discourses)
  • Social education and care (e.g., the system of care and support, the evolution of pedagogical thought, the history of social care in Poland and Europe)



Head of the Department

prof. dr hab. Janina Kostkiewicz



dr hab. Beata Gola, prof.UJ

dr hab. Małgorzata Michel, prof.UJ

dr hab. Dorota Pauluk, prof.UJ

dr Dominika Jagielska